60+ Eyes

Vision Correction

60+ Eyes

Just about everyone over age 60 needs some sort of vision correction. It’s just a normal, natural part of aging. The good news? You have several options to maintain your 20/20 vision for years to come.

Many seniors have presbyopia, which is the inability to see clearly at near distances, like when reading. To correct your vision to 20/20, you’re probably familiar with bifocal or multifocal spectacles. But you may not be aware that contact lenses can correct presbyopia as well.  Multi-focal contact lenses can correct presbyopia so you can see comfortably up close and at a distance.

Magnifiers and Vision Accessories

Reading the newspaper, doing embroidery, building models, and seeing the numbers on small technical instruments can become challenging as we age. Brighter lighting can help with close-up work, but sometimes you need additional help.

Magnifying glasses bring fine print and needlework into focus, and they come in many sizes to help you match the level of magnification you need with the task in front of you.


Always consult your eye care practitioner for further advice.